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HOLOPLOT X2: The Matrix Array Revolution Refines Its Act

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Breaking Sonic Boundaries: A Leap into the Future of Professional Audio Technology

The stage of professional audio technology has seen a new dawn with the HOLOPLOT X2. Our German compatriots have indeed pushed the envelope further in the quest for unrivaled acoustic finesse. Smaller yet more robust than its older sibling, the X1, the X2 is a testament to the mantra - 'Size isn't everything.'

The compact yet powerful HOLOPLOT X2 audio system, showcasing its sleek design and intuitive mounting frame.

Harnessing the Power of Dual Technologies

In the belly of the X2, HOLOPLOT has deftly integrated the technologies of 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis. This dual prowess leads to an unprecedented control over audio output, thereby raising the bar for sound projection and localization. Imagine being at a concert where you can hear every single instrument from the orchestra distinctly, no matter where you're standing. That's the magic of 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis at play.

The Modul 30 (MD30) Matrix Array: Innovation at Core

At the core of the X2 is the Modul 30 (MD30) Matrix Array, armed with 30 loudspeaker drivers, each individually powered. The design masterstroke here is the ability to fine-tune the array's response via software, promising a new level of customizability and control. It's like having a personal sound mixer on your device, allowing you to tweak and fine-tune the audio to suit your preference.

HOLOPLOT X2 Unrivalled Speech Intelligibility

The X2 excels notably in the realm of speech intelligibility, a domain where HOLOPLOT consistently strives to be exceptional. This focus on speech applications, backed by the company's commitment to achieving high Speech Transmission Index (STI) measurements, means the X2 is well-prepared to deliver staggering precision and clarity. It's akin to wearing a pair of glasses that makes blurry vision clear. The X2 clarifies and sharpens the audio, ensuring every word spoken is heard and understood perfectly, no matter the environment.

Close-up of the Modul 30 (MD30) Matrix Array, highlighting its 30 individually powered loudspeaker drivers.

Balancing Immersion and Natural Acoustics

For audio purists, the X2 offers a tantalizing proposition: the power to tackle complex acoustic issues. It decreases the need for additional acoustic treatment by effectively mitigating unwanted reflections, assuring a clear, consistent, and immersive audio experience. Picture being in a room full of mirrors, where light bounces off in all directions. Unwanted sound reflections work the same way. The X2, however, acts like a light director, guiding the sound directly to your ears and reducing those reflections, providing a more immersive and consistent listening experience.

Respecting the Architectural Integrity

As an audiophile, one factor that significantly caught my attention was how the X2 respects the architectural integrity of any space. The compact size and intuitive mounting frame allow for an unobtrusive and efficient installation. This design philosophy extends to its performance, as HOLOPLOT's optimization algorithms effectively counteract transmission loss.

HOLOPLOT X2 seamlessly integrated into an architectural space, exemplifying its adaptability and respect for architectural integrity.

The Adaptability Quotient

Considering the potential complexities of maintaining uniform sound quality across diverse spaces, the X2's adaptability to various environments is undoubtedly commendable. With its impressive scaling ability, the X2 presents a formidable solution for larger venues and challenging spaces. Think of the X2 as a chameleon, seamlessly blending into any environment and delivering optimal performance regardless of the size or acoustics of the venue.

Rugged Resilience: The X2's Promise of Durability

HOLOPLOT's X2 is built to endure. High temperatures, humidity, or water exposure - the X2 can handle it all. This durability is an essential factor for outdoor venues or environments exposed to varying weather conditions. Despite its hardy build, the X2 does not compromise on performance or longevity, delivering consistent, high-quality audio under any circumstances.

Efficient System Design with HOLOPLOT Plan

In conjunction with the X2's launch, HOLOPLOT released an updated version of its sound system design software, HOLOPLOT Plan. Now equipped with planning and simulation features specifically for the X2, HOLOPLOT Plan complements the X2's strengths and adds a level of simplicity and precision to the design process.

The Final Word

In conclusion, the HOLOPLOT X2 is indeed a ground-breaking offering in the world of professional audio technology. Despite its potential areas for improvement, the X2 stands as a symbol of HOLOPLOT's unwavering commitment to revolutionize the audio landscape. Whether you're an audio professional or a hobbyist, the X2 surely warrants a closer look. The final verdict, though, lies in its real-world performance and user acceptance. Until then, it has certainly struck a chord with us.

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